The World Of Photography

Photography, is as subjective as the image itself. It asks as many questions as it answers. The Internet has changed photography! Or perhaps photography has changed the internet?

It has provided beginners and advanced photographers with access to so much information. Books, educational training and tutorials, web blogs and discussions by top photographers, google + hangouts, software downloads are all a click away.

Here we hope to be able to bring some hands on  feedback on a regular basis on various topical discussions. Looking at the options, benefits and considerations that the world of photography gives us.

One thing that photography will remind you time and time again is that there is many more than one way to achieve a result.

Some of the subjects that will be looked at initially will include  discussions often on the mind of beginners and sometimes overlooked by long time shooters such as RAW vs Jpeg, Post Processing, Which Camera? and Tripods just to mention a few.

Look out for the first blog article to be available soon. And please feel free to share ideas, experiences and knowledge.

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