Photokina 2012

The photography trade show held every two years in Germany, called Photokina is around the corner. Its Big, as in range of 1200 exhibitors and 180,000 attendees. Apparemtly there will be over 6000 journalists at the show.

So from September 18th to 23rd, a lot of new stuff is going to be introduced. I am certain that the web, followed by print media will cover all the new product launches. We already are seeing leaks as well as official releases from the top players. Sony have released specs on new Nex cameras, Fuji are pushing forward with new models in the X series. Possible affordable full frame DSLR’s from Nikon (D600??) & another offering from Canon. Rumours are abound that we may see a M10 from Leica. Imagine they may even launch a affordable (relative in Leica speak) mirrorless, but don’t hold your breath.

What should be interesting is how the various players market their strategies. With a shrinking point and shoot market, a confused mirrorless market and a mature SLR market this makes for fascinating viewing. All I can hope is that camera makers stop holding back on the features that should be in their products and ditch the rubbish no one ever uses but makes for marketing bumf.

How about a mirrorless Aps-C or even a full frame sensor in a compact well built body that has battery life, can focus and a EVF that has technology from this decade in it. And one small additional request it is not another soulless cold box of circuit boards. Yes I know it’s a tall order but I know it can be done! As each request has been met by a different manufacturer, and that is the problem. We need just one to pull it all together.

So let’s sit back and wait to see how all this promotion will benefit the photographer.

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