Photokina – It’s A Wrap

Now that Photokina is over and all of the press releases have hit the Internet. I am certain most of you have seen what’s been released. However I will summarise some interesting changes and new releases.

If you have not heard the big news is that Google has bought Nik Software! (That’s the company that brought Snapseed to around 9 million iPads near you) However you look at this, it is going to bring change and possibly some change we may not want, Google have said in a press statement that they support the pro side of the software, and its business as usual. I think that is great news. Fantastic product that would be sad to lose, plus it keeps the other players in the software market on their toes.

On the product front Nikon released the D600, the most affordable full frame sensor DSLR they have ever offered. Canon followed a couple of days later with the 6D also an affordable full frame sensor DSLR.

Sony has been very very busy, they not only released more new product than I want to type about, but at various levels they have business relationships with Zeiss, Nikon, Fuji, Apple and now Hasselblad. And that’s what comes to mind without doing too much research. Canon must be feeling lonely?

Speaking about Hasselblad they showed a new mirrorless concept which is a dressed up Sony Nex 7. I’m sorry but after the ugliness hits you, the sticker price knocks you out. I can only scratch my head in wonderment. What were they thinking? Is Hasselblad that desperate?

Talking about Zeiss they are going to be releasing lenses for the new Fuji XF mount (as well as the Sony E mount), this offers a lot of credibility to the commitment to this new mount. They will also be offering a new higher end range of manual focus lenses designed at DSLR’s with 30Mp and above resolution. And Fuji releasing the X-E1 a smaller more efficient and more affordable X-pro1, with two additional lenses starts to turn this into a system. The X-E1 also won the Photokina STAR 2012 award.

Leica showed several new cameras and lenses, but I’m only interested in the new M. There are two, the M-E is the M9 repackaged at a lower price. The new M has a 24mp CMOS sensor and will sell for the same price as the current M9. It has live view, video, the option to add a EVF. So the M is new but not much different. It still looks fantastic. Yes it’s pricing is really high end. It’s lenses are built like objects of art, and if the manual focus bit did not scare me I would want one more than I want one.

So all in all a lot of the same but with improved specs. Lots of great tools for the photographer to make some really wonderful images, no matter what you are using these days.

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1 Response to Photokina – It’s A Wrap

  1. Marc says:

    Ok, nice article. At least I am a nikon fan!

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