Dear Members

I would like firstly to thank you for voting me in to the position. I hope I can lead the club forward in my term. Now that we have had a State of the Nation Address, State of the Province Address and a Budget Speech, here is State of the Camera Club Address.

There are two main areas I would like to focus on.

I would like to focus on in this year is giving photographers in the club the experience they need to grow in the field that they are passionate about (photography). Secondly, I would also like to expand the way the club looks at their images.

Experience in the Club

In terms of the first item, I have found that the most important aspect of growth as a photographer is experience. This takes place at the image planning, capture and post capture stage. How do you improve on these? Well firstly, one has not only to look at images, but to see images. This might sound silly, but it is important. Too often, in this bustling world, we look at a great image, realise its greatness and move on to the next (echoing the rat race we follow). I ask you to stop. Think what it is about the image that you like and what you don’t like. Then think how the image was achieved.  . This is not a passive exercise, but an active one where one needs to examine what works and doesn’t work in an image and make active choices about what works for you.

To this end, we will continue having the lively discussion evenings. In addition to this, I hope that we (the council) can organise some exciting events during the year. A couple of ideas that have been discussed so far are: a model shoot, a trip to a bird sanctuary like Marievale or Rietvlei for some bird and wildlife photography. I will also be open to ideas from members who are willing to help organise the events. So, if you have any ideas, please put them forward to me for consideration.

Expanding the clubs images

In terms of the clubs images, we are great at judging within the club, but we have been slightly isolated from the broader photographic world. One of the welcome suggestions from the club is that we have a talk/workshop on how to choose photographs for and enter Salons. Salons are an area where our club can compete at a National level and above. By looking at how we compare to some of the best photographers in the country, we can see where we can improve our photography.


In addition to the above two points, I want to look at the constitution and the rules of JPS to look at what needs to be revitalised. I also want to listen to your suggestions for the club and implement those that can be implemented after consideration by the council.


JPS President – Marc Leroy

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