Due to various senior members not being available due to business commitments the meeting of 17th has been moved to the 10th September – a week earlier (a week later would have clashed with a public holiday).
We will be having a prints and discussion evening. Please bring 3 of your prints to show us. You may also bring e-images (also 3 images) to the meeting.
Prints should preferably be A3 of slightly bigger in size (for viewing) and mounted.
We will meet at:

Address of the new venue:

Altas Head office
123 Oxford Road, Cnr Cotswold Drive
(Entrance in Cotswold Drive)

As you turn into Cotswold from Oxford, the entrance is on your right.

Both Prints and E-images are welcome

Submission of e – images

E-images must be:
1. Within the constraints of the projector 1920 in width and 1080 in height.
This means that a 4:3 ratio image (same as 1024×768) will be 1440×1080 in dimensions, a vertical image in a 4:3 ratio would be 810×1080

2. The image must be less than 1 Mb in size.

3. Images should be saved in the sRGB colour space (colour profile) in order to display properly.

4. Images must reach the Marc Leroy on or before the closing date.

5. Images must be in Jpg format.

Please note there will not be a meeting on the 17th September as it will be held on the 10th September.

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