Adobe introduces Photographer Package for SA Market

Adobe introduces photographer Package for SA Market

A few months ago at the opening of Photpshop World in Las Vegas, Adobe in response to thousands of unhappy customers, has reacted to comments about rental of Photoshop for photographers.

The rental scheme was rolled out well over a year ago, and slowly Adobe moved towards only being able to get PS CC (CS7) as a rental. It was introduced at $20 p/m for PS and $ 50 for all their products – but that is not really something photographers would be excited by. Discounts were made available to current users, so if you owned CS 6 the special offer for CC was $10 p/m for the first year then regular cost thereafter. Well that offer expired end of August and from what I can understand was not successful amongst photographers. In my opinion there was no real value or reason to spend the money. Lightroom remains a stand alone package that can be purchased and was only included in the full package- once again no point for the photographer.

Since this, Lightroom 5 has been released with a upgrade price of around $ 80.

Now, Adobe has introduced a package for owners of CS3 and higher. If you signed up by 31 December 2013 you got CC and LR for $10 per month. That fee is fixed.

This offer was not available to us here in SA! But with effect late January is was made available at $9-99 + VAT. More specific questions for users already signed up are clarified under the FAQ section on the web.

Interestingly and personally surprising, is how many people feel this is not a good deal. Are people just greedy or am I missing something?? In reality many photographers could easily use PS Elements which is around $105, and you buy it outright. Oh and if you wish you can still purchase CS 6.

Is PS a cheap product. No, but it has never been. It is the market leader in this field. Yes there are alternatives from Capture One and  Dxo  and I am sure many more and at a lower price point. Gimp is freeware, and some say it is good enough. You can use Onone as a standalone product these days.

I suppose many will debate this forever, but two things have materialized over the last 8 months. Adobe has taken a decision to restructure there massive organization around ” rental” software, and I don’t think they going to change in a hurry. I also realised their transfer pricing was too high for current owners of PS. We complained, they listened and now for $ 120 per year you will have the most current version of PS and LR, amongst some other stuff noted below.

Have a look at the terms and conditions of the offer and see if its for you,

Now it’s your choice if you want to buy into this new structure and special pricing deal. I am far more interested than I was 6 months ago. The offer is for all CS3 and above owners until the end of March 2014.

Edited on 8/04/14: Well it seems that Adobe have extended the special offer to 31 May 2014. (This may be a never ending offer) In addition they have just launched Lightroom for iPad, which works with the version on your desktop or laptop. This is only available to CC subscribers and is free.

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