Submitting Images

When submitting e-images to the JPS Camera Club please adhere to the following general rules (your images may not be accepted or presented incorrectly if you submit images in the incorrect format):

  • Digital images are to be submitted in JPG format
  • sRGB (Red Green Blue) mode is to be used
  • Each image should be no larger than 1920 pixels wide x 1080 pixels  in height. (A 4:3 ratio image will be 1440 x 1080 pixels)
  • Each image size should be no larger than 1 Mb in size at a resolution of 72 Pixels per inch
  • The maximum number of images to be sent at any one time is 3 images adding up to an email of just over 3 Mb.
  • Digital images must be submitted by 18:00 the Sunday before the scheduled meeting
  • Do not submit the same images to both meetings
  • Members who submit images must attend the meetings

Number of Images

Members may submit up to 3 images in total for the “Judging Meeting” (1st Tuesday of the month) and a maximum of 3 images in total for the “Discussion Meeting” (3rd Tuesday of the month). Additionally, a maximum of 3 “Set Subject” images may also be submitted at a Set Subject meeting.

Naming Convention

It is important to rename your images as per the following: Image name – Your name – and the Category you are in.
For Example: CampFire – Stelios Michas – Beginner.jpg

Set Subject Images are to be named as follows: Image Name – Your Name – Set Subject. Please do not include your category in the name of this file as it is not required.

Please use the “dash” ( – ) as a separator, with spaces on either side, as the process of producing the lists and score sheets, is automated. Do not use any other separators and do not use the “dash” in the name of your image.

For Example: Camp Fire – Stelios Michas – Set Subject.jpg

Submit e-images via e-mail to

Remember: Always keep your original image intact and submit a copy of the image as the sizes above are not suitable for printing.

FOR ILLUSTRATED  E IMAGE INSTRUCTIONS                                    JPS – e-Image instructions v2.0 2012